Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grand Teton: 5 hrs 17 min

Jason Dorais, Andy Dorais, and I went back to the Grand for a speed attempt.  We got it done in 5 hrs and 17 minutes.  I'd like to write something that expresses what went into this project, how I feel about it, and why.  I hope to get to that someday soon.  For now, here are a few links to some reports on the trip and the "proj":


Jonnie J said...

You guys have me intrigued. I may need to trade my megawatts in for some light weight gear. Having climbed that summit last summer I find this very impressive. Nice work.

Jared said...

Split one of your Megawatts in half. That should do it.

Jonathan S. Shefftz said...

First and foremost, huge congrats!
But that does that mean you weren't at Shasta on Thursday? From a short distance I saw, amazingly enough, Trab skis lighter than mine (Race vs Duo Sint Aero), Dynafit boots lighter than mine (DyNA vs TLT5), and Dynafit bindings lighter than mine (race vs Speed). I was too focused on my transition at Red Banks to hike down a bit to determine the owner of such light gear, but then afterwards I started kicking myself for missing the opportunity to meet you ... but seems like you couldn't have run off to Shasta after this adventure . . . or did you?

Jared said...


Thanks. Not me on Shasta. Wonder who it was? Touring on rando race gear in the US is becoming mainstream!