Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Speed Board: Y Couloir

After Skimo Nationals, I kind of lost some motivation to train.  In the battle between me (who was in favor of training) and myself (who was not), I thought that one way to make training a little more interesting would be to do speed runs at some of the more popular lines in the Wasatch.  And because want to promote speed ascents/traverses and the like (and because I'm vain), I thought I would create the "Speed Board."

A couple weeks ago, I made a speed run at the Pfeif, but I lost visibility and bailed on the knife edge ridge leading up to it.  Today, I made a run at the Y Couloir.  I had planned to do some boring intervals at the resort, but Chad convinced me to join him in the Y, AND he offered to get there early to break trail for me!  How could anyone pass that up?

For a solid 2300 feet, I was able to follow a nice booter put in by Chad and a couple other dudes.  After that, Chad and I traded pulls, but it was slower going, especially towards the top where there was a nice bloody-shin crust on top of some bothersome sugar.

From Y Couloir

In 4WD mode -- Whippets and boots churning -- my hands got really cold, which is why I am making this face:

From Y Couloir

Anyway, here are the stats:

1:18:25 from car to top. Trail was broken for a good portion of the way, with some rough trail breaking at the end. I think it could be done in under an hour if there is a good booter in, like there is now. Go for it!

1:38 car to car*. *Paused the stopwatch at the top for a bit of socializing with Chad.

3508 feet climbed, same descended.

Gear: DyNA Boots, Low Techs, Trab World Cups, CAMP pack with avy gear, Montbell Thermawrap, and my own personal trail breaker.


Bart G said...

gripitz would have saved you at least a minute...

Anonymous said...

If you're burned out on "training", now would be the perfect time to take up nordic skiing. It's such a nice break to the winter monotony of ski touring.

We are doing the Mirror Lake Hwy traverse this sunday. Start on the Evanston side, skate up and over to the Kamas side. Pretty mellow day, but TONS of fun. 37 miles or so, half up, half down, about 4,000 feet of climbing. Casual pace is 3-4 hours up, and then average about 13-16mph downhill to the car for 18 miles.

You'd dig it. It's cheap, and arguably the best VO2 workout you will ever experience, hands down.