Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Crap.

I just found the Race Bible for the Pierra Menta. I was frustrated at first because I don't speak french and Google doesn't translate .pdf files very well. But then I came to the elevation profiles. I knew that the race climbed 10,000 meters, but I'm not a metric guy, and I guess it didn't really register. I just did the conversions and now I'm scared. Here are the elevation gains per day.

Day 1: 8640 feet
Day 2: 9186 feet
Day 3: 8640 feet
Day 4: 5249 feet

Maybe it's better that I don't speak French that well. Ignorance is bliss. Here is the Bible:


Sari Anderson said...

Thanks for finding this. At least we get a bit of a break on the last day. See you over there. I hope you found someone to bring your gear over. I'm not headed to Loveland tomorrow...sorry.

tcruicks said...


Been watching for your posts over here via Andrew M's blog. I was interested to see that you are going over for the Pierra Menta. Great!

I gave some thought about putting a goal like that out there for myself. What are the details of your trip? Team of 2? Did you have to show some type of competency proof?

I have a poster for the 2003 running of the Trofeo Mezzalama that I picked up while over in that area. Ive always thought it would be neat to go over and do something like that.


Jared said...

Hi Tyler. The PM is a team event -- 2 people per team. Historically, it's been hard to get an entry into the PM, but this year it is a World Cup event. My understanding is that because it is a WC event, the US was able to get some entries.

Pete Swenson, the COSMIC organizer and member of the USSMA, arranged the entries and put together the teams. There are 3 guy teams and 2 girl teams participating. I wasn't planning on going until Feb 20 when Brandon French's partner dropped out. Brandon invited me to go and I couldn't say no.