Sunday, March 1, 2009

Box Elder -> Pfeif -> Superior

Bart and I chose 3 11k+ peaks evenly spaced, climbed them, and then skiied them. Bart might have some pictures later.


Peaks Skiied: Box Elder (TNF), Pfeif (Westish off the top, then North), Superior (Northish into Cardiff via chute)
Vertical Feet Ascended: 12,600 (including a vehicle assisted ride from Tanners to Alta)
Vertical Feet Descended: 10,500
Put in: Dry Creek TH, Alpine, UT @ 06:00
Take out: Cardiff Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon # 15:40
Miles: ???
Total Time: ~ 9hrs
Arrival on Box Elder: ~09:00
Arrival on Pfeif: ~12:00
Arrival on Superior: ~14:30
Bathroom Break: 1 at Alta Lodge
Hrs. of Sleep the preceeding night: 5
Hrs. of Sleep night after the tour: 11
Number of Bindings Mounted preceeding night: 1 pair
Number of Boot Liners molded preceeding night: 1 pair
Number of Skins trimmed preceeding night 1 pair
Food Consumed: 1 PROBAR, 1 Cliff blocks, 1 Nutella Sandwich, 1 Apple, 1 Orange, 3 Gus, 1 snack size bag of skittles
Hydration: 1 bottle energy drink, 1 camelback bladder
No. of rides Hitched: 2 -- 1 from Tanners to Alta, 1 from Cardiff to Barbacoa
Scent of weed in our benefactor's truck: yes
Snow conditions: blue ice to legitimate pow (all of the North aspect of Superior into Cardiff fork)
Weather: Bluebird.
Skis: 160 cm, 62 mm waist, Dynafit SR 11 (Me), 167, 73 mm waist, Dynafit ST 7 (Bart), 176 cm, 100+ waisted, Bluehouse Districts (Sam)
Bindings: Dynafit Low Tech (me), Dynafit TLT Speed (Bart), BD O1s (Sam)
Boots: Dynafit TLT Pro Race (me), Scarpa F1 (Bart), Scarpa T2s (Sam)
Tights: yes (Guy who pick us up in Cardiff: "Hey, were you guys cross country skiing? Me: Ummm, kind of. I guess we did start in Alpine.")

This trip inspired me to make a post on Light and Fast (or is it Fast and Light) gear, which I intend to get to at a later date. Suffice it to say that we did some real skiing and I was never wanting for fatter longer skis. I hereby prophesy that the trend toward fatter waisted skis will reverse itself in the year 2010. . . . :)


Bart G said...

# of stops to futz with race gear including new dynafit boots, skins, and blister repair: a dozen.

Better now than a 4 day rando world cup in France!

I'll get some pictures up

Ski Bike Junkie said...

The trend for fatter skis will no sooner reverse itself than the trend for tights in the backcountry will take off.

Of course, you guys did three all-day, epic tours in one day. That should tell you right there that you're freaks. Nicely done.

Jared said...

Not only is it all about the up, it's all about looking good -- in tights -- on the up. . . .

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Fat skis will reach a limit. I personally don't want to go any wider than my 102 waist Anti Piste. Any wider and I wouldn't enjoy the feeling of skiing deep snow.

As for tights, well, they've got a limit too. That limit is finding themselves on you and not me. Of course, you also wear ladies' underwear.