Sunday, February 3, 2013

Alta to Millcreek, Rando Style

As has become somewhat of a tradition on "Considerable" avy days, my brothers and friends and I skied from Alta to Millcreek. I'm not sure why I like this tour so much. Maybe it's the scenery. Maybe it's the company. The skiing is pretty good. Maybe it's because I feel like I've accomplished something by skiing the 15 or so miles from Alta to Millcreek. Whatever it is, it's fun!

This year, at a "fun" pace, we did the tour in 3 hrs and 10 minutes. "Fun" pace includes pinning it up Cardiff and Reynolds behind Tom Goth, Chad, or Jason; hanging out on the top of peaks, joking around and eating; skiing 3 wonderful powder shots; and, of course, the full-on, rando/nordic races out of Cardiff and Millcreek. The runout races include a bit of roller-derby, skier-cross, drafting, downhill racing, V2, and a bit of trash talk. They are hard to describe, but I think we may have made an impression on a few startled scouts and dogs. Sorry, kind of.

How many rando racers does it take to collapse the Wasatch snowpack right now?  About 3 or 4.

Chad breaking trail with Tom, Jason, and the Inouyes in tow.
Brother Aaron, Brother Sam, and "Brother" Jason, "Mmm, can I have some of that? "


Unknown said...

Just wondering what the 3rd descent after Cardiff and Reynolds is?

Jared said...

Usually Wilson. Sometimes Soldier. Occasionally Alexander.