Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coyotes in Red Pine, Pfeif, White Baldy

Saturday morning I was feeling pretty beat, but wanted to cap off a good building block. So I got in the car and ended up at the White Pine trailhead. I ran up to Red Pine lake and heard a pack of what I think were coyotes yipping away. They went to town for about a minute, then I never heard them again. I recorded part of the session though:

From there, I went up to make offerings (for family, miscellaneous blessings, and snow) on the Pfeif:

From 2010-10-03

And then traversed the ridge to the top of White Baldy. Some parts of the ridge were runnable. Other parts were pretty scrambly.

From 2010-10-03

I didn't choose well dropping into White Pine, and ended up getting a bit of unanticipated free solo action. I found some snow though:

From 2010-10-03


RainCountry said...

Cool. I camped up there in the fall once when there was about 2 feet of snow on the ground and a group of coyotes went ripping and yipping by our camp.

Jonnie J said...

Cool video Samurai. Keep them coming. You are covering alot of ground these days. Impressive training log.