Saturday, May 29, 2010

Highline Traverse

Quick update: brother Sam and I got the traverse done -- from Henry's Fork Campground to Mirror Lake Hwy in a loooong single push. It was about 55 miles over some beautiful and wicked terrain.  Our time? Just a bit over 38 hrs. And that's including the four hrs or so we spent being lost.  Probably one of the hardest "days" in the mountains I've ever experienced. Glad to be done. Glad to have done it. 


Faceless Ghost said...

I stayed awake for 36 hours once, but I wasn't really functional by the end. Glad you were still able to ski :)

Looking forward to hearing more about the traverse.

Jon Dalton said...

You would be much faster if your cahones weren't so damn big. Stupendous. 55 miles is ludicrous.

Layne said...

Nice work Samurai. 39 hrs? I assume there were many dark moments during that one. Hopefully you'll give us the blow by blow later on.

Jonathan S. Shefftz said...

Impressive, but I didn't realize that there are two of you!
Clearly you need to challenge the Traslin brothers to some sort of long-distance ski mountaineering traverse competition.