Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Skimo World Champs: Opening Ceremonies and Vertical Race

I'm in Soldeu, Andorra now.  Last night opened with a parade, a show and some fireworks.  There are are 23 nations participating in the Ski Mountaineering World Championships.  Team America consists of Pete Swenson, Cary Smith, Bryan Wickenhauser, Brandon French, Travis Scheefer, Max Taam, Ben Parsons, me, Monique Merrill, Jari Kirkland, Nina Silitch, Amy Fulwyler, and Molly Zurn.  Here we are (photo taken from Nina's blog):

Before that, the Vertical Race was held.  Throughout the week, there will be four competitions: 1) Vertical Race, 2) Individual Race, 3) Teams Race, and 4) Relay.  The course (pictured below) was pretty straightforward and not very technical -- 2900 vertical feet. Representing Team America for the Vertical Race were Bryan, Cary, Ben, me, Mona, Jari, Nina, and Molly.  Basically, it went like this: sprint till you felt you were going to blow up, sprint some more, then put the pedal down and go, go, go for about an hour.  More than anything, it was a test of speed.

From Andorra Day 2

In the women's race, out of 36 competitors, Roberta Pedrazini from Italy won with a time of 48:25.  Mona put in a super performance and finished 9th at 52:53.   Other Team USA women finished close behind as follows:

Jari, 23rd, 1:1:11
Nina, 27th, 1:3:43
Molly, 32nd, 1:8:46

In the men's race, out of 83 competitors, Killian Jornet from Spain streaked up the mountain to finish in 39:51.  American men finished as follows:

Cary, 52nd, 48:56
Me, 56th, 49:35
Wick, 61st, 50:45
Ben, 54th, 52:23

It hurt! (Killian Jornet)

From Andorra Day 2

A lot!

From Andorra Day 2

Even so, I was happy with the way my race went.  And pain aside, I felt great.  It was certainly the first time I sustained an avg heartrate of 181 bpm for 50 minutes!  As I was racing my way up the course, the thought that kept going through my mind was: "c'mon, this is the World Championships!  Only 1 hr.  You may never have this chance again."  56th place and 9:45 off the winning pace may not sound like much, but it was all I can do, and I'm glad to have lined up with the world's best.

Today, we toured to France.  More tomorrow.


Bart G said...

It must have been the poles...

old school said...

Nice job! Keep it up. Hard to even imagine how fast those other dudes are since you are the fastest guy I know!

Jonnie J said...

Very Impressive. Keep that accelerator to the floor. That kind of avg heart rate would have had blood spurting from my eyes!

Luke said...

Right on Jared, way to give it your best!

Seidi said...

Woot woot!! That's my brother!! Good job Jared. That's awesome! Hope you still come home alive.

Grizzly Adam said...

Awesome. That is something to write home about. Congrats!

brian p. harder said...

Bad ASS!! Nothing like rising to the occasion.

ag said...

yeah nice work!