Thursday, February 25, 2010

Support Your Local Rando Races

Each year the rando racing scene grows.  Crucial to that growth are local races.  I keep promising to grow the local scene, and I will once I shift my effort and focus from training to promoting races.  Until then, I am grateful for promoters who put on rando races nearby.  Equally crucial is participation.  I know that there are a lot fit ski tourers out there.  You should try rando racing.  Here are some that you should try to attend. 


From the USSMA Site:

Pebble Creek Ski Area and the Idaho State University Outdoor Adventure Center co-sponsor the Matt Barrett Memorial Telemark Festival and Rando Rally.

The Pebble Creek Randonee Race is February 28th at 8:00 am. The straight lines will mostly be switchbacks so the course is longer than it looks with a roughly 3000 ft ascent/descent. There will also be a rec division which is basically the same route as the race in years past with about 1800' feet of climbing. Please direct any questions to the ISU Outdoor Adventure Center at 282-3912 or to


Note: this is not an adventure race. Not multisport, only AT, Tele, split board.

Date: March 6th, 2010

Place: Logan Canyon, Logan, Utah



This is the classic.  One of the longest running and best races around.  For two years, it was a World Cup event attended by the best racers in the world.  This year's race will be run at Brighton.  Check it out here:

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Jonathan S. Shefftz said...

I'm probably the only person on the entire east coast who reads this blog, so this comment is most likely pointless, but anyway, this coming Saturday (March 6) at Magic Mountain VT is the second of the two rando races I am organizing this season. More importantly, this will be the first rando race ever held in New England that will truly test both uphill endurance/fitness/gear *and* downhill skiing skills. Jay Peak each year comes close in the latter category, as did my Berkshire East race this season, but Magic is going to be in a category all of its own this season, b/c Red Line is open. This trail has to be in anyone's Northeast Top 3 or Top 5 for long sustained general nastiness. Oh, and it's underneath the chairlift.