Friday, August 21, 2009

The SLC Alta Crest Millcreek SLC Loop

It's been three months since it snowed in the Wasatch. In celebration of a recent dusting, Noah and I set out on a little biking adventure. Noah proposed this route:

We generally followed the route pictured above, except that rather than riding over Twin Lakes Pass, we rode up to Catherine's Pass and down to Brighton. Here is a photo of Noah climbing Catherine's pass.

Here is the top of Catherine's pass, looking towards Brighton. While it's a place that both of us frequent in the winter, I hadn't been there in the summer. It's just as spectacular. The ride off the pass into Brighton was exciting. There were a few unrideable spots, but all in all, it was rideable. I got a bit too carried away and hit a granite water bar head on -- my first of a few flats of the day.

Here is a picture of my favorite view of the Pfeif, a view from the top of Puke Hill. Too bad the picture quality isn't great.

Gotta love the Wasatch. All in all it was a great ride and good times. Noah has been "working" hard all summer and is about to release his new movie "Flakes." Here's the trailer.


Grizzly Adam said...

Nice. Lots less snow then when I was there in June.

Daren said...

Nice. I have done the Little Cottonwood - Alta - American Fork - Corner Canyon loop a few times. Pretty epic with some great and not so great trails. Worth considering getting it in on your bike before winter. Let me know if you want to give it a try.