Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crashing Sucks

I raced the ICup today. I had not one, not two, not three, but four bonafide crashes. I sailed over the bars at least twice. Both times I took the blind corners a bit too fast and ended up going off the trail and off the sidehill. I put in an extra 20 feet of vertical climbing back up to the trail. And then I slid out and bounced on the ground once. I can't remember exactly what happened the fourth time, but I'm pretty sure there was a fourth time. It's all a blur.

My right side just healed up from my Solitude crash, which left me with a bent crank, bent chainrings, and a few stitches in my knee. I still cringe as I remember getting launched off my bike when my pedal caught a rock, and then skittering down the trail in my skinsuit. You'd think that this experience would have caused me to check my speed today, but apparently not since I now have to work on getting my left side healed up.

The learning curve in racing mountain bikes is, as I've come to find out, a bit steep. Jonny imparted some words of wisdom as I was washing blood off my left arm. Staring at the scab on my right knee, he said, "dude, maybe you should slow down a bit." I think that's good advice.


Aaron said...

I didn't mean to rub salt in the wound with my comment in the staging area. I had one bonafide crash today as well, in addition to a few off-trail experiences. If I could climb like you I wouldn't have to take as many risks on the descents. Great finish, in spite of the crashes.

old school said...

For every rider there seems to exist a fine line between riding in control and out of control (out of control only in the sense that no one likes crashing, so to the extent a crash occurs, it seems that control was lost--if only for a moment). That line seems to move and evolve based on terrain, equipment, skills, and fear. Congratulations on finding your line and stepping beyond.

StupidBike said...

Well said 'old school'

Yeah, sto crossin that line, it hurts, not crossing it serves me well, at least in total lack of current injury.

I think the difference i time in crossing the line is measured in seconds. Except when you crash.

Todd T said...

Hey Jared,

This doesn't happen to be your missing frame does it?