Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heber CX and the Berry

I raced my 4th CX race of the year. More than anything, I was looking forward to redeeming myself from last month's Heber race where I felt like I was going backwards and got tangled in the tape. The second time around on Saturday was much better, and I was quite happy with the way it turned out. Part of the reason I had a decent race (by my standards) was because I cheated at the start. If you look carefully in the picture below, you will notice that both my feet are clipped in and I am holding on to the race track rail. (I don't know what Reed is doing.) I'm hoping that by admitting I cheated, my sins will be forgiven. The following photos were borrowed/stolen from Mother Teresa.


Because I was clipped in, I was able to shoot straight to Reed's wheel and assumed the 4 spot.


I only made it 1 1/2 laps before I got dropped from Bart/Ali/Reed. After I got dropped, I got passed by Robbie and Connor. Later, Rico, Caveman, and I joined up with Connor and we rode a large part of the race together.


Still together . . .


Not together anymore because at 4 laps to go, Rico (with his self-proclaimed bad legs) put in a surge that only Connor could follow. I ended up finishing 7th. I tried to trash talk my way past Rico, but he was having none of it and I think it made him speed up. (Check out the the massive Timpanogas in the background.)


After the race, Sam, Ethan, and I headed up to Strawberry for some stillwater fly fishin'. The lake was calm and we trolled the old fashioned way with oars and a flyrod. The Cutthroat trout have moved into the bays and in the span of a couple hours we caught several toothy, healthy, fish. 3 were over 20 inches. Sam(urai No. 2) and Ethan pulled in this little guy.


Ethan in a hoodie that doesn't fit reeling in a 20+ incher.


It's been a good week. I got lots of work done, spent some quality time with the family, hung out with friends, I climbed a mountain, skiied powder, raced CX, and went fishing. No wonder I'm tired. SLC is a great place to live!!


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Team Rico said...

I think you let me go. You had plenty of extra energy to yell at me that last lap. Thanks!!