Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird SS Fascination

This might be the one.

I might be slightly autistic, or something. Every once in awhile I get fixated on something. Lately, I've been fixated on single speed cross bikes. This isn't the first episode. I had an episode a couple years ago, which led me to getting a Surly cross bike (the cheap route). I had a couple episodes last year, which resulted in a really heavy 29'er steel single speed (again, the cheap route). These episodes phase in and out as evidenced by the fact that the Surly was geared for a year or so. Now it's SS. The 29'er is in several different pieces in various places and has been pirated for parts needed elsewhere. I'm feeling the urge to get it back together again.

Part of the reason the SS Fascination phases out is because I go out and ride, and feel limited -- too big of a gear, spinning out too fast, etc. What did I expect, right? Maybe it's because I took the cheap route, but probably not.

The thing is, the thing that makes this odd fascination recur, is that every once in a while I'm reminded that there are guys that can ride a single speed really fast. And for whatever reason, I think that's cool, and elegant, and, well, downright tough. So I won't do much to curb the fascination for now. Maybe one of these times I'll get the combination right, meaning, I'll be able to go single AND go fast.

Any CX single'ers out there?

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Team Rico said...

I got the Specialized Singlecross. Still pimpin it out before I race it...