Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here's to Winter '08-'09

(Thanks to Todd (I knew him before he was skinny) for my new banner photo.)

In light of the white stuff we received today, I thought it appropriate for a recap:

Before the skiing though, I have to do a few more cross races. Strike that, I have to finish at least one race. I got caught up in the course marking tape mid-way through Heber's race, got thrown on the ground, smacked my head on the ground, and re-opened my Harvest Moon road rash. I admit that even though it hurt, I was a bit relieved to have a good excuse to quit since I was having a tough time hanging. I kept getting gapped in the corners and punished in the wind. At least it was good training!


JZ said...

So what wheels/tires did you use and how did they perform under race conditions? My Ghetto/Raze combo at 50ish/rear 45ish/front felt great. I thought I had lost a little air towards the end because they felt a little squirly on the pavement section, but checking pressure at the end of the race showed that I may have lost a few psi at most.

Personally, I hear way to many incidences of rolled tubulars to go that route (ET on Saturday for example).

Jared said...

I rode my Hutchinson/Stans clincher setup on the front wheel and a tubular on the rear. That's because my front tubular was loosing air a few minutes before the start.

I was pleased with the clincher front. It was inflated to about 32 psi (according to my pump guage). It gripped well on grass, and didn't lose air. NO BURPS!! I was holding my breath through some of the rutted sections and on the fast off-cambered grass turn. It seems to be working really well.

That said, I can't deny that tubulars on carbon rims are faster than the clincher setup. It could be in my head though. For some, that alone is a good enough reason to deal with the possibility of a rolled tire, and all the hassle involved. I haven't quite decided.

old school said...

Yeahhh! Get ready to ski (board). Great photos, great memories.

JZ said...

I will have to try tubulars at some point just to feel for myself what everyone is talking about.

I have to admit I'm really intrigued with carbon rims for mtb/cross. I really want to try some of those Edge rims on my Superfly. I need to get in their tester program, otherwise it won't happen for a while.

StupidBike said...

I ran 50+ in my ghetto tubeless and wish I would of checked the pressure pre-race. Way tooo much.

I have a hard time seeing any benefit to a carbon rim in MTB and CX racing, except for the manufacturer, they are not all that light and they cost upwards of 4 times as much, they look pretty though.