Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wasatch Goodness (a few photos)

Four Inouye Brothers:  Jared, Sam, Aaron, Jordan (taking picture) skiing on New Years Day.
Chad Ambrose and me climbing the Pfeif on 1/5/13.  More from Chad here.  Photo by Bart Gillespie.
Me looking into the NW Col of the Pfeif.  I didn't drop in from there.  Scary.  Photo by Chad Ambrose.
Rapping the NW Col of the Pfeif on 6mm cord and a Munter.  Photo by Chad Ambrose.
Bart on the Obelisk with the Pfeif looking on.  Photo with my iPhone.
A Japanese Guy (Shingo) and a French Guy (Alexi) on the Obelisk.

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