Friday, October 12, 2012

Autumn Run in the Wasatch

First off, thanks to Chad for his Local Heroes write up, featuring . . . me.  

With the marathon over, I was anxious to get up a route I'd been thinking about for awhile -- the "Granite Halfpipe" (don't know if it really has a name; that's just what I call it).  I met Jason at 6:30 AM at the 7-11, but we weren't that psyched.  It was lightly sprinkling.  Rain was in the forecast.  Thinking we would just go until it sucked, we left a car at the BCC park n ride and drove up LCC to the Granite Halfpipe.  Of course, once we scrambled a ways up, we realized that we were somewhat committed.  Going down, dry or wet, would be somewhat of a challenge.  So, we went up.  And eventually ended up on top of the west summit of Twin Peaks.  From there, went to the east summit, descended Broads Fork, and got to the BCC road just as it started raining in earnest.  Some days you win, others you lose.  In addition to getting a weather break, we caught a ride down BCC on our first try and made it to where we needed to be by 11:30.  Today, we definitely won.

I took some pictures with my S90 that is on the fritz.  I dropped it into a lake in Colorado this summer, but after I dried it, it's still going, kind of.  Pictures below are heavily doctored, but still depict an autumn Wasatch.

The "Granite Halfpipe"

View of Alta and the Bird

View of Hogum, the Pfeif, the Y, and Coalpit.  (This one is for you JON S.)
Jason in LCC

The clouds are getting lower!  It snowed lightly (very lightly) on us for a bit.  Looking into Deaf Smith canyon and beyond from west summit of the Twin Peaks.

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