Monday, May 7, 2012


This morning, Andy was nice enough to join me on a retrieval mission. I had hopes of picking up the junk show I left on Superior--goggles, a pole, and a ski.  Amazingly, we recovered all three items.  My goggles--Oakley Asian Fit (for people with flat faces/noses)--were in decent shape although I might need to replace the lenses.  A few hundred feet above in a tight chute, we recovered my Dynafit carbon pole, or what was left of it.  The strap had been ripped off the top of the handle and the shaft was broken.  And then a few hundred feet above the pole and 50 yards across the slope, Andy spied a green La Sportiva hand waving at him in the snow.  The Hi5 ski and RT binding were recovered and look to be in good shape!

Walking up the path I fell down gave me a bit more perspective on the incident.  Suffice it to say that I felt sick, grateful, amazed, scared, and more resolute (to avoid a repeat) as we climbed where I fell.  Turns out, that vertical-wise, the fall was longer than I previously thought.

And the skiing wasn't all that bad (for May 2012) either.  In fact, we had fun.

Together Again, Together Forever (photo taken by A. Dorais)
1 for 3. . . . Asian Fit Goggles

3 for 3, the Grand Prize! . . . my Hi5 Ski and RT Binding

Andy, walking Superior's ridge, peering down our line.

Portrait (a little pasty, might have to re-develop)


Chad said...

So how many guys/gals can fall 500 feet down the mountain, live, miraculously recover enough to hike up 3 weeks later to top it off by finding the entire yard sale? I know such a guy. You are blessed my friend!!

sara said...

Wonderful photos, guys! I wish I was there as well?

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brian p. harder said...

That is some stunning good fortune. A fine outcome to a potentially grim experience all the way around.