Monday, July 5, 2010

Mountain Running

A pair of socks and shoes, lightweight shorts, a shirt (sometimes), a watch, a visor, a bottle, a few GUs -- no more, no less. It's liberating to make one of the most primitive activities sport. Running across a knife-edge ridge, hurdling rocks and deadfall on an overgrown path, pausing at an open stream to drink, and then sitting in it to cool down. Holding two pointed rocks in both fists, jamming them into the snow; primitive crampons. It's 9:00 in the evening, still light, and I am at the top of the Pfeiff wearing 8 ounces of clothing. I give my old friend a pat, and scramble off into White Pine.

I've been running the mountains to get ready for the Speedgoat 50. I doubt I'll be ready, but the challenge has been fun.

Last Monday, I ran/walked to the Olympus saddle with my brother Jordan from Okinawa. This route was 6 miles and about 3600 vertical ascent. 2 hrs 23 minutes.

From SLC Samurai

On Tuesday, I ran Gobblers with Jon. We did some hardcore cross country downhill to connect some trails after we went off route. 8.2 miles, 3500 vertical, 2 hrs 20 minutes.

From SLC Samurai

On Wednesday, I did some climbing with the family in Maple Canyon. After the kids left, Brother Sam, Brother Aaron, Ann, and I ran to the Haji, a 2 pitch climb that was easy for everyone except for me.

From SLC Samurai

On Thursday, I ran to the Pfeifferhorn. I started at White Pine Trailhead, crossed into Maybird, tagged the Pfeiff, ran across the ridge to Red Pine, and went out Red Pine. Scenery blew me away. 9.9 miles, 4000 vertical, and 3 hrs and 6 minutes.

From SLC Samurai

From SLC Samurai

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I celebrated Independence Day in Gunnison, Utah. In the evenings, we played "World Cup," and I came away with some sore legs, a sprained left ankle, a rolled right ankle, and a strained groin. Don't be surprised if my new endurance sport becomes soccer.

Today (Monday), Andy and I ran the Grandeur Loop. 9.5 miles, 4400 vertical, 2 hrs and 6 minutes.

From SLC Samurai


Team Rico said...

holy shit! It took me 5 hours to do Gobblers and I was beat. I think you were born to run. I would say I would like to come with you but......I cant keep up with that speed

Jared said...

If you started at Bowman, you started almost 1000 feet lower and further away. We started at Butler in Big Cottonwood.

ben-day-ho said...

where is picture 3?? i have to go there

Anonymous said...


ag said...

dude that is insane. i am still sore from hiking to dog lake with my parents a few days ago. 5 miles, 1200 feet of vert, 3 hours... i was blown!