Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Sunlight Heathen Challenge Rando Race

5400 vertical at Sunlight Mountian Resort. 


1. Chris Kroger
2. Max Taam
3. Pete Swenson
4. Brian Wickenhauser
5. Ben Parsons
6. Jared Inouye
7. Travis Scheefer
8. Jason McGowin

(I'll update when they post the results)

Chris, Brian, and Ben qualified for the national team.  I missed the cut by 1 place (needed to finish in 5th), which finished about 30 to 40 seconds faster.  So, if anyone that qualified can't or decides not to go to Worlds, I might be able to go.

I raced as hard as I could.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get going on the first climb and, at one point was in 16th place.  I think maybe that I didn't get a good enough warm up and that I went out too hard and fast.  Good transitions and a fast descent helped me get to 10th place by the bottom of the second climb.  I felt great on the second climb and moved to 7th.  I crashed on the second descent and got passed by Jason McGowin.  Ben, Jason and I transitioned together at the bottom of the third climb, and left in that order.  Jason and Scheefer had to deal with skin issues.  I moved into 6th on the last ascent, but couldn't close the gap to Ben.  The tough competition and constant shuffling of places made for a fun race.


Ben said...

You're killing it out there for your first real year of full comp.

Layne said...

I bet it is more likely than not that you end up going. Having seen the field you're racing against, I think 6th is great. Shame that the team is based on a race that you didn't feel great in. That's racing though.

It's inspiring to me to see how fast you guys are. Good job at the race and hopefully you can represent the stars & stripes in a few weeks.

brian p. harder said...

Nice work. Can't imagine all qualifiers will go. You will probably get your shot. Problem with those Colorado races is the altitude. Coming from SLC there is no way to prepare to race at 11k feet. Do you think your wife would mind you getting an altitude tent? It would change your world!