Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5x4 Interval Session

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I did an intensity session this morning -- 5x4 intervals, and about 22 minutes of "on-time." I would like to work up to a 8 interval block by mid-December. Some notes:

- I went too hard on the first interval. What is weird is that on a Perceived Exertion scale (1-10), I felt it was an 8 whereas Interval 4 I felt was a 9.5.

- Ideally, I would like to get faster throughout the session, not slower, like I did. My understanding is that you get more quality "on-time" if you can have negative split intervals.

- I couldn't push past a HR of 184. I've seen 198 on a bike. Maybe the intervals aren't long enough, or maybe skiing is different than biking. Has anyone figured out their Max HR, Skiing/Running vs. Biking?

- I wish I could do ski intervals at a lower elevation.


ag said...

in theory you should be able to reach higher hr's on skis because you are using more muscles. cold weather will keep you hr down though. was it hot when you saw 198 on the bike? 1st interval is always fastest so give er all you got!

great can't wait to ski with you, haven't even skinned and you are doing intervals. i am going to get waxed!

JC said...

do you remember the elevation you did your intervals at? altitude will reduce heart rate maximums. i know that VO2 max deminishes by 4% per 1000 feet. i imagine that heart rate is limited by altitude by a similar percentage.

do you remember the elevation you saw 198 bpm at? if it was at sea level and your interval workout was higher it might explain the discrepency.