Thursday, June 18, 2009

Back in the Saddle

My biking efforts this year gave way to my skiing efforts. But the time has come, and I think I'm ready to start spinning pedals in earnest. Given a choice, I think I would prefer to . . . I guess I better not go there.

Last year, I had several races under my spandex by this time of year. This year, I've done a couple RMRs and a couple DMVs and, as evidenced below, a mountain bike race. I flatted out of a DMV and the mtb race.

(photo courtesy of/stolen from Stupidbike's better half)

No road races yet. But, I just registered for the High Uintas Classic, a stage race no less. I debated registering for the Masters 35 division, which I qualify for as of this year, but that depressed me because I have always looked up to those guys . . . as being old. I also debated registering for the one-day only race because staying in Evanston is not exactly a vacation destinaion, but I really really like the Evanston downtown crit. I think I'll still sleep in my own bed, and if my allergies don't get the best of me, I'll plan on being at the crit. I should see if my TT bike still exists.

I figure if I'm going to ever jump in to the bike mix, I'd better do it soon and better do it head first. I really really hope that I don't suck too much.


Faceless Ghost said...

Back on the bike in June? Why the early start this year?

And seriously, I had no idea you were so old. See you on Saturday.

JZ said...

Who is that bearded guy stalking you? You really scared all of us with your initial climb up little stick. Too bad about the flat that sucks. I don't know if it was merited or not (and probably helped me die on the third lap), but I really worked hard to get ahead of you for the single track. I would have liked to get in front of Brent as well, but couldn't make it. He hauls on the DH (and the climbs for that matter).

Welcome back.

MtbAllDay said...

"I have always looked up to those being old"