Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Stuper Tour: Alta to SLC

I'm still trying to digest the Stuper Tour, and I'll put up a more detailed post after it's digested, and after I recover, and after I stop shaking (from fatigue, fear, and giddiness).

The Stuper Tour is the official name given (by Noah Howell) to a tour that begins in the Alta parking lot and tags several high points, most of which are over 11k, including, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

Hidden Peak
Twin Peaks
Red Stack
Red Baldy
White Baldy
Chipman Peak
Bighorn Peak
Lone Peak

The Stuper tour exits out Bells Canyon and ends on Wasatch Blvd. The Stuper Tour is somewhat of a play on the "Super Tour" as discussed in Wasatch Tours aka the Wasatch BC Skiing Bible by Hanscom and Kelner. The name was born as Noah and I were sprawled out on a rock at noon -- in a stupor -- after just having summited 6 peaks, with several peaks between us and SLC. The name is a nice melding of Super, Stupor, and come to think of it, Stupid.

Photo Above: Noah Howell with Bighorn Peak in the background, ascending Lone Peak, the last pitch of the Stuper Tour.

Photo Above: Noah Howell doing what he does in a couloir on Lone Peak's east face.

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More later.


Bart G said...

cool! Sometimes I wish I was not a bike racer, I missed out.

Andrew McLean said...

Post more photos and details, dammit! (nice job Jared!)