Thursday, March 6, 2008

Taper Session Gone Wild

I'm racing again tomorrow, so today I went out to do a nice little warm up taper session -- just a few short efforts and some skiing to get the legs moving. BUT, as I was skinning along, I stumbled upon an Olympus hidden couloir. I started up it thinking I would turn around at the top of the apron. But when I got to the top of the apron, I couldn't resist. I took my skis off, and booted 1000 feet up the gut. As I got higher, the snow got better, the walls got steeper, and the couloir got narrower. It was beautiful and there was just enough space to ski it.

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Forrest said...

You made the right call, never miss a chance to get some!

IZZY said...

Samurai, I'm a flatlander from Illinois, so I don't know why I care. But just interested in what you use to determine altitude, and vertical feet you ski. If I start adding up vertical ridden on the farmland rollers, i'll let you know! Great site, keep it up. IZZY

Jared said...

Thanks Izzy. Most of the time I use an altimeter watch -- a Suunto -- that measures the altitude, number of feet ascended, and number of feet descended. Sometimes, I eyeball it. After a while and after you have used a watch or skied a certain area for a while, you get pretty good at eyeballing it. I'm sure that you'd be surprised at the cumulative altitude gain you on your rollers.