Sunday, December 2, 2007


Nice job to all the CXers yesterday who braved the snow. I considered going out to the race, but I just couldn't push myself over the edge -- too unnatural, cold and miserable I thought. After some of the stories being told, I kind of wish I would have taken the plunge.

Maybe I just need to change my wiring because I don't see much unnatural about a 5:30 am dawn patrol in 4 degree weather -- definitely cold, but not miserable. It was nice to be out and see the day break. Did I mention it was cold?

Saw remnants of a slide from yesterday:

And I actually went into the backcountry with a split boarder.

I try not to discriminate. For example, as a cyclist I tolerate people with hairy legs. In fact, I am unshorn right now. Likewise, as a skier, I tolerate people who ride sideways on one ski, i.e. snowboarders, aka knuckledraggers, snurfers, lowriders, potheads. But just because I tolerate them doesn't mean I hang out with them, or like them. So, I consider it a life-moment that I actually went out with a splitboarder. In fact, I feel that was pretty darn big of me (does that not give a way my bias, because it should).

How'd it go? It went fine, which means that I didn't have to carry the split-boarder up or down the mountain. Truthfully, I was pleasantly surprised. Split-boards move decently uphill; and going down they're not bad. It almost looks fun. There still exists a debate as to whether snowboards go faster downhill and whether snowboards can do everything skis can do. And I freely admit that when the splitboarder got marooned on a rock and went arse over tea kettle down the mountain, I snickered to myself while at the same time asking, "man, are you okay"? In the end though, it was a good result. I think I've overcome my snobbery and am glad to know that I can peacefully co-exist and have a splitter as a ski touring . . . , errr, "snow touring partner." Plus, performance-wise, I fully expect the tables to be turned one day . . . but not in this lifetime.

If anyone is interested, I have some miscellaneous backcountry gear for sale:

1 pair of Scarpa T1 telemark boots -- size 9.5-10

1 pair of Rossi Big Bangs, with Hammerhead bindings -- circa 2002 or 2003, 177 cm

1 pair of Atomic rando race skis -- 160 cm

Various skins, mostly on the skinny side.

If interested, let me know.


old school said...

Well, when Jared pulled into my driveway this morning at 5:30, I didn’t realize just how “darn big” it was of him to descend from his skiing throne to accompany a lowly splitboarder into the backcountry. Perhaps my eyes were still a little glazed over at that hour to notice the distain he must have been showing just knowing there was a snowboard in his car. After growing up skiing, I started snowboarding in 1985 and after 1987 never went back to skis. So, skier discrimination is nothing new to me, but twenty years later, I didn’t realize those feelings still ran so deep for some. I guess I could complain about having to snowboard with a skier. For example, how long I had to wait for Jared to put his ski back on this morning after he caught it on an unexposed tree and crashed (good thing that he was able to find his ski in the powder or I may have had to wait for a really long time). I’ll be the first to admit, there are some disadvantages to splitboarding. For example, getting stuck in the flats between the steeps this morning, or a little more transition time between board and skis. However, when it comes to going down, in my opinion, there is nothing like floating effortlessly on top of the snow and ripping the powder on a board just like you are surfing. Which, by the way, the new (well not so new after a few rocks this morning) Voile 178 swallowtail splitboard was very fun. But, rather than complaining about skiers or focusing on the differences between the two disciplines, I’ll count my blessings that at least one skier is willing to show me the ropes as I am relatively new to spitboarding and the backcountry. So, as for this splitboarder, I hope Jared is willing to be patient and venture out with me again.

Jared said...

I rate my friends by how much blog fodder they give me -- potentially and actually. I rate Jon a 10 out of 10.

DeletedBlog said...

I love the correlation between snow boarders and potheads. I'm not taking it personally or anything, but I know more skiers that are potheads than snowboarders. Maybe it's better to put the pot heads in there own category.

Team Rico said...

knuckledragger...ouch! I'm hurt. No wait a minute I stopped draggin my knuckles 3 years ago. I am really just a cheap bastard.

Faceless Ghost said...

I put on skis when I was a senior in high school and I haven't been on a board since. I guess that makes me a bit of an anomaly.

Objectively, skis are better than snowboards, especially since the advent of fat skis. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

As for which is more fun, that's subjective. But before you decide, keep in mind that (despite Sohm's objection) Jared is right and most snowboarders are potheads. Do you really trust the judgment of Jon and a legion of stoned teenagers?

DeletedBlog said...

I love ridin the lifts cuz it gets me sooo high maaan!!! yeah!