Thursday, November 1, 2007


Dick, the French, USADA, WADA, UCI, CAS, etc. now have an airtight argument against Lance.

All people who do this are irresponsible lame-os (plural for "lame-o")
All dopers are irresponsible Lame-Os.
Lance is an irresponsible Lame-O.
Therefore, Lance must have doped.

(I'll give someone a special prize if they can identify the fallacy in this argument.)


Piotrek said...

So what's worse, cyclists who dope or cyclists we read about by the Wal-mart checkout?

Maverick Yeti said...

All apples are fruits.
A banana is a fruit.
Therefore, a banana is an apple.

Am I right? Do I win? Oooo I hope the prize is an apple...

Jared said...

El Sordo, nice job.

But isn't your real name El Gordo?

B-Horn said...

All dopers like Mary Kate,

Mary Kate likes Lance,

Lance goes out with Ashley!

DeletedBlog said...

I'm just stoked that those twins are into cyclists!!!! My chances of hookin it up just went up a notch!!!! YEAH!!! I'm an optimist :)