Sunday, October 7, 2007

Check This Out

I wasn't convinced that jumping barriers is actually faster, but after I pulled my groin midway through the race, I sure wished I could do the hop. Plus, it sure is impressive. In fact it was because I was running the barriers that I pulled the groin. I think that the barriers this year are higher. I'm considering bringing a lawsuit against Utah Cyclocross for discrimination against short people. I'm sure I could turn it into a Title VII action by alleging that the high barriers discriminate against "my" people, who are height challenged. Hopefully the groin strain will heal quickly. I've tried to hasten the process by using an ice pack, but due to proximity issues, it requires temperance.

Actually, the race was really fun. I've never raced in mud like that before. It's yet another aspect and skill in CX'ing.

I've learned a lot by racing with the fast guys. There's an upside to getting lapped by Bart and Ali -- for a couple of minutes, you can follow them, watch their lines, and observe what you didn't know what was possible. It wasn't until I saw Ali ripping through the mud that I figured out the "fast" way of getting through it. I still can't figure out how they get through those hair pin turns so fast. I negotiate them like I'm driving an 18 wheeler. It's a mystery . . .

I still think CX is weird, but I can't deny that I have the bug.

Credits for the pics go to Stupidbike.

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Ben said...

Come on Jared, just hop the barriers like the chain in Abashiri!