Sunday, June 24, 2007

Burn out?

I like to ride my bicycle, but lately I've been a bit bored on the road bike. Maybe it's the heat. Or maybe I'm suffering from burn out. Just recently I built up a single speed 29er. So, this weekend I put the road bike aside, packed my family, flyrod, and the single speed into the Subie, and headed for our family cabin in central Utah.

Riding around the mountains on a heavy rigid steel single speed (with too high of a gear ratio) in civilian shorts (not lycra) with a backpack and a flyrod on my back not caring about watts or avg. speed was a nice, welcome change of pace. Maybe I should do it more often. Fishing with the kids was fun. Definitely need to do that more often.

Oh yeah, 29er wheels are kind of cool. They're heavy, but they do roll well. The fat 2.3 balloon tires help also. I'm going to have to attempt Dog Lake or the Crest on it one of these days.


B-Horn said...

Based on sound established evidence and background facts can an attorney make a logical prediction, and win the case. Test to see if you are burned out at The Hornet's Nest, good luck, see you in court!

Jared said...


Have to hand it to you. Your comments and blog have bite, err sting. Who is the (wo)man behind the hornet?

Unknown said...

I know who it is. Jared, good job on your first ride in the A's.

Team Rico said...

OK Jared...No more burnout for you. You put the hurt on us at the DMV, your secret training has worked not post it up