Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday Soup

We've been having weird weather in the Wasatch. On Thursday night, I was doing some stealth training on some groomers at about 8800 feet, and it was pouring rain on me. Wanting to get above the rainline, on Saturday morning, Tim, Jon, Jeff, and I went to Alta, up Cardiff, to Cardiac Ridge, back up to the towers, and then off south facing Superior Shoulder. As you can see (or not) by the picture above, visibility was not great. Case in point: Cardiac Bowl is really big. But, we couldn't find it, and instead ended up on Cardiac Ridge. Still we got some decent skiing in.

On our descent of SF Superior Ridge, things got a bit tense when I kicked off two small slabs of new dense snow that had fallen that morning. These slabs ran down a gully and I held my breath that they wouldn't propagate. They didn't. To the left is a District shooting crack.

Hopefully things will settle out quickly. Skiing 20% "powder" isn't the greatest, but with fat skis, it is ok.

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