Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pow Day (Almost)

Dear ski partners of this morning,

Thanks for skiing with me this morning. And sorry for the tour-gone-wild in both time and space (terrain). I've been on some royal bushwhacks, Coalpit and Mt. Aire come to mind, but nothing compares to this morning. I hope you're not forever scarred. Perhaps with time, your scars will heal and you will remember the good pow over the sucky bushes. May the 6000 vertical foot climb through 20 inches of powder and the glorious 5000 feet descent in 5% pow overshadow the most hateful 1000 vert feet scrub oak and quartzite-ski-gouging exit. May we be grateful that the soft slabs simply ran through us and not over us. May those snow birds stay buried in the snow. And may our wives and employers forgive us. I've attached some pics to help in your healing.

Jon at Dawn

First Light on Triangle Peak

Hallelujah!! (The Lonely One in all its greatness was absolutely breathtaking.)

Flocked Trees


Mt. Olympus' Backside


Bart G said...

what, I missed a samurai bush wack?

old school said...

Great day. One of those mornings, I didn't mind being late for work--until we hit the exit in North Fork and then my office was sounding real good. Here is a photo of the 16-inch slab that released almost taking the Samurai for a ride down a chute:
All good.

Ben said...

You forgot to mention that is was bitter cold. Which was a small price to pay to enjoy the Wasatch's finest - 5% fluff.

Despite me being the last one out due to having to extricate myself from a tangle of bushes, rocks, and twisted skis and poles, it was an excellent day.

In the future I would seriously question the judgment of the person who told you that the North Fork was good.