Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Drawing the Line, Right Here.

Or that's what I tell myself. But then I'm pulled back into the mountains. Then when I find myself hanging on a ledge with one whippet or dangling by one arm next to a water fall (see below), I recommit: that's it, this is where I draw the line! It's a vicious cycle.


UtRider said...

Yeah, like I said to Bart Sunday night, you guys have landed yourselves into some good company! Of all the tours you've done with Andy thus far, would you say this (Lisa Falls) was the wildest? Those pics of you descending the Pfeiferhorn looked pretty insane to me.

Bart G said...

I need photo credit for your new Header! My budding photo career is strugling.

Jared said...

That header is sweet. Thanks.

UtRider, it's a toss up. It was hairy getting into the NW Col on the Pfeif. I won't lie. I was scared. The rap wasn't bad because we had harnesses and our ropes were long enough.

Lisa Falls was wild because we got slightly off route and did some rock scrambling, and in my case, some rock climbing. At one point, I was out of holds, and I had to dyno to get up. Exposed dyno'ing in ski boots with skis on my back is something I prefer not to do. And then the rope was too short when we got to the falls an we didn't have harnesses. That made things exciting.

All in all, I would say the "wildness" of Lisa Falls can be avoided.