Sunday, January 18, 2009

Das Pfeif

Objective: Pfeif's NW Couloir

An older avalanche.

Timp and Box Elder . . . soon.

The east ridge of Das Pfeif.

Scrambling in ski boots.

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The NW Couloir. "Holy $(mack) we're skiing that?"

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Hope your edges are sharp.

I'm using 2 cm of plastic to support myself above a big fat cliff.

The Rap.

Ping pong or skiing? It's all in your hands (or feet).

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Northeast face.

Ethan and Miya.

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UtRider said...

I'll look for you in Andy's next film!

Do you do it for the climb, to summit or for the descent? Or all of the above?

Jared said...

UT Rider, that's a good question, one that I often ask myself. Above all, I do it for the challenge and because it's simply beautiful up there. It helps that I like climbing since the climbing to descending ratio is about 90/10 at best. Good powder on the descent is just a bonus!