Saturday, January 7, 2012

US Skimo Championships, done

I fulfilled my goal of skiing the DH without stopping. Jackson had enough snow to make it a good race. No Corbetts though. There was a great turnout with over 90 participants from around the country. The fields were deep and the whole race was competitive. Make one little bobble, and you lose a place or two. The first climb was strung out several hundred yards with lots of fast people in skin suits and rando gear. It was an awesome sight. And the race saw a strong presence from the Wasatch this year--Tim, Layne C., Matt Hart, Chad Brack, Gemma, Tom, Nick Francis, the Dorais. Others? Good job to all.

More racing tomorrow at Targhee.

Women top 3

Sari Anderson
Stevie Kramer
Gemma ? from Spain

Men top 10

Luke Nelson 2:38
Scott Simmons
Bryan Wickenhauser
Ben Parsons
Cary Smith
Pete Swenson
Jared Inouye
Jon Brown
Andy Dorais

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