Saturday, January 28, 2012

North American Champs Sprint Comp

Today was the first ever ISMF North American Champs sprint comp. I'm here in Crested Butte with a Wasatch contingent, Canadians, Americans, and Italy's A team.

Results went something like this


Melanie Bernier CAN
Janelle Smiley USA
Sari Anderson USA
Gemma Arro Ribot ESP but adopted by Team Wasatch


Manfred Reichegger IT
Reiner Thoni CAN
Lorenzo Holzknecht IT
Andrew McNabb CAN
Travis Scheefer USA
Andrew Dorais USA
Marshall Thompson USA
Jared Inouye USA
Jon Brown USA

Other results from the Wasatch--Jason Dorais USA had a rough race and kept popping out of skis and finished 20th. Tom Goth and Luke Nelson (also had a rough race blowing two skins in 5 min) tied for 21. Chad Brack was 23. Nate Brown was 16.

The real race is tomorrow. Harness, via feratta, and ascender. Should be amusing. Luke and Jason will be on the warpath.

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