Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grand Targhee Skimo Classic

Just finished the race. I'm now sitting in my car having hypothermia, shivering pretty hard, and trying not to cramp. But the shivers keep causing cramps. . . .

Race was fun. Jason Dorais took the top honors with Luke Nelson, Ben Parsons, Jared Inouye, Cary Smith, Chris Kroger, and Andy
Dorais in tow in that order.

It was a shorter course and more backcountryish than yesterday's nat course. The gaps were pretty tight and once again it was competitive.

I raced a pretty clean race until the last descent where I put on a class A junk show clinic, snapping my pole off the first drop in, hiking up to get it, then crashing again, and then tucking down the groomers holding bits and pieces of gear. Very fun though.

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Location:Alta Ski Hill Rd,Alta,United States

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