Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mt. Olympus: West Slabs

Spent some family time with Brother Sam, Brother Aaron, Cousin Isaac on the West Slabs. Sam has been into climbing this summer and planned an outing on Mt. Olympus. We started in Olympus Cove, hiked up the Z trail, up the creek, and then climbed the West Slabs. Sam climbed it free a couple weeks ago in the snow and ice, but this time we roped up and "simul-climbed" in two teams.  The top climber places protection and the bottom climber cleans.  We tried to keep at least two pieces between us, just for safety's sake.  No falls. At the top, Dylan Freed caught up to us in his shorts and t-shirt. He likes to be free too. It was a nice fall day. Here are some pics.

Sister Seidi and Baby Charlie joined us to the base of the slabs:

From October 17, 2009

Our destination:

From October 17, 2009

Sam sorting through a rack of cams, trying to find the right one.

From October 17, 2009
Didn't get any harder than this.

From October 17, 2009

The A team working their way up.

From October 17, 2009

Cousin Isaac topping out.

From October 17, 2009

8000 ft.

From October 17, 2009


Luke said...

Sick pictures of the west slabs, I had my first experience up there this fall when Ryan Mcdermott and Jared Campbell invited to go out for the best hour and half workout around. Well we all went out in running shoes and shorts like we were going for a run, turns out they solo the route all the time. Needless to say I was pretty sketched but pulled it off. Great climb/run/workout! Oh yeah we did in 1:42:01 car to car! Are you getting stoked for Rando season?

Jared said...

1:42 is smoking. The climb isn't that bad, but if you fall . . . it's a long . . . way . . . down.

I haven't done any running this year, and after the run down, I can't walk. I'm really sore.

Yes, can't wait for Rando.