Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fitness

Utah CX Race No. 2 (Photo by Forrest)

Cyclists talk about having certain "sensations" in their legs that indicate good form. I think I may have felt one such sensation on Saturday at the CX race in Ogden. I was able to push it pretty hard for a solid hour. I didn't have any allergic or asthmatic reactions.  And it was a good kind of pain.  This makes me think that I'm on track for the upcoming ski season. 

To the extent I can, I've been trying to get some time on skis -- 4 days so far.  Since there isn't a whole lot of snow and the snow is so far away, I'm relying on CX racing to build fitness. By November, I hope to be doing some structured (and not-so-structured) training on skis.  Hopefully, I can be going fast by January.

Is it just me, or are the snow-covered mountains really inspiring?

Snowbird yesterday from Sugarloaf.

Tracks through a Sugarloaf meadow.

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MtbAllDay said...

I noticed your recent Clarks TT: very nice.