Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moose Cross -- October 17 & 18

It's open season on CX right now.  Dave Bergart has organized a CX series in Idaho and the main event is Moose Cross.  This is its second year running.  There will be two days of racing and a party on Saturday night.  Since it's Idaho and all, and just to be clear: BRING BIKES, NOT GUNS!

I'm probably headed up for the Saturday race (unless it snows a lot).  I may try to float the South Fork of the Snake before the race.  Anyone interested in carpooling? 

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Layne said...


Just curious, are you aware of any midweek rando races anywhere in UT this winter? If not, I wonder how difficult it would be to get some started? I'd be interested in doing more races locally, but there is only the 'keg in march.