Friday, March 20, 2009

Rando Race Beater Gear

While I was at Pierra Menta, I got a few photos of various boots. Every gram counts, or so they say. And racers do all kinds of things to save weight. Below is a boot with a custom plastic throw and cord buckle system.

Here is a similar design, except with an aluminum custom throw.

Check out the holes in this boot.

Here's a mongrel Dynafit boot with custom carbon cuffs.

F1 with custom carbon cuffs.

A super light Pierre Gignoux. I tried some of these on and they are incredibly light. They aren't the most comfortable boot, but if you can shave a pound off each foot, it might be worth it.

Production Scarpa F1 Carbon boots. Next year, only non-modified boots are allowed. What is everyone going to do with their funky mods?

I saw all kinds of broken gear, including broken Crazy skis, broken DNA World Cup skis, and several Trabs like this one. I don't think it matters what the brand is -- racing is tough on light gear.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I think they call that stuff "stupid light."

Of course when you're as skinny as the stick figures in your photos, only one place left to shave weight.

The carbon F1 cuff making industry must be up in arms about the new rule. I'm sure there's a French bureaucrat somewhere appointed to address the issue.

Faceless Ghost said...

Are you back on the bike now?