Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pierra Menta: Stage 3

The queen stage of the Pierra Menta was today, Stage 3. It was about 8600 vert, 21k, and involved some technical climbing, requiring a harness and via ferrata. And it was probably one of the coolest experiences of my life. The atmosphere, the mountains, the competitors, the spectators, the course, my partner -- all made for a really great day. Thankfully, my legs and condition was a bit better than yesterday. Yesterday I started the day dehydrated and to make matters worse, ran out of food and water. That' s a bad way to run a 28k 9400 vert day. But today was better. I've posted some pics in an album below. The pics were taken by the Spanish nat team supporter, so that's why there are lots of Spanish guys in the pics. As you can see, the French Alps are amazing.

As for the team, Pete and Cary are going really well and finished 35th today. They could probably finish in the top 40 overall. Me and Brandon are somewhere in the 80s overall. Brad and Jason are hanging tough in the 120s. The women teams have a friendly competition going and switched places today.

Here are some photos:

How did the Powder Keg go?

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GTG said...

good work Jared and Brandon! and the rest you over there.
Enjoy the last day