Tuesday, May 1, 2012

View of Broads Fork and Mill B

Thanks to everyone for the nice words and the support.  It's been nearly three weeks since the "incident" and I'm happy and grateful for my current state.  Physically, I'd say I'm at about 65 percent, mostly due rib and right hip injuries.  Gladly, my butt, left hip, and right knee are no longer issues.

Mentally, I find myself in a weird place.  I want to get out, but I don't.  Today I got out for a little walk.  I walked up Mill B North to one of my favorite viewpoints in the Wasatch.  I took the photo below.  It depicts a lot of cool terrain.  Depicted are the Broads Fork and Mill B drainages.  In the distance, classic Wasatch peaks loom.  From left to right is Monte Cristo (I think), Sundial, Drom,  Sunrise, and the SL Twins.


peter said...

great photo

peter said...

great photo

Brody said...

hang in there and keep that head up. glad to see you got out.

Chad said...

Beautifully capturing the mood of the great Wasatch!! So wonderful Jared!!