Saturday, May 5, 2012

SL Twin Peaks West Bowl

"Trailhead" of Deaf Smith Canyon -- "No Hiker Access Allowed"

Option A: hike up swollen river through tight canyon.  Option B: go rock climbing.

Jason and Scott Wetzel climbing to to the "Meadow"
Skinning through a burn

Salt Lake Valley from somewhere in Deaf Smith Canyon

Higher up Deaf Smith with clouds rolling in and out.  
Chad setting a booter up the West Bowl

When we got to the top of the West Summit, Jason asked, "Which one is higher?"  Chad laughed and pointed to the East Summit.  Jason yelled, "Crap!" and then bolted over to tag it.  For the most part, we were socked in, but then in a brief moment, a window opened up.  I took the shot. 

Jason returning from the East Summit.
My new hobby: mountain portraiture.  Subject:  Chad.

And another.  Which is better?  A? or B?
Portrait of Jason (eating wasabi almonds).

Portrait of Scott
Scott making some last minute adjustments.

Jason skiing West Bowl
The bottom of the West Bowl.
There were some pretty parts of the 'schwack.


Chad said...

What a great day it was! Jared glad to have you back in action!!

bstory said...

Really nice photos Jared. Glad to see you're back at it.