Monday, August 24, 2009

Point to Point Course and the TOU

There were several events on Saturday -- the Snowbird Hillclimb/Widowmaker, 1000 Warrior "race," and the 50k Snowbasin MTB race. And of course the Tour of Utah. Still somewhat on the mend, I skipped the competition and went to ride a portion of the Point to Point race. In doing so, I realized that I don't know the Park City trails all that well. Half the trails that I hit, and that are part of the course, I have never ridden. I was impressed particularly with the upper Deer Valley trails. I was tempted to ride into Heber.

I tried to follow the Point to Point directions -- turn here, hard left there, up this, down that, but I couldn't. I kept getting lost. I was about to give up on retracing the course when I ran into none other than the course setter himself: Shannon. And I was treated to a preview of the middle third of the course. I liked it, except for the Johns descent. The Johns descent is twisty and turny and there are lots of trees in the way. I now can empathize with pinballs. My goal for the whole Point to Point: don't crash into trees because it hurts. I predict that squirrly-man Bart will gain 10 minutes on the TG2, Johns 99 and Johns descent.

My guides:

Shannon has put a ton of work and thought into the course. Thanks!

On another note, the Tour of Utah spectating has been fun. Things were pretty rowdy at Tanner Flat. I saw a devil and a Wendy's girl who looked a lot like Art. Several of the riders looked like they could use a push:

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