Friday, August 14, 2009

New technology

Testing out the post by BlackBerry function. I stayed home from work today because of a lingering cold. Every day I keep thinking it will be better, but it gets worse. I'm starting a course of antibiotics.

Since I'm down and out I spent some time working on the Scalpel. I have to say that I think I have a love affair with this bike. In the last few days I've added a riser bar and switched to a triple. I was ridiculed into getting the riser bar. I showed up for a ride last week with some Ritchey WCS bar ends. Alex called me "Hermida" and Bart called me "old school." I ignored them until I wrapped my bar end around a little tree and ended up with a minor concussion. With the riser bar I think I have a bit more control on the DH and a bit more leverage in the climbs. Combined with the triple, its an adventure riding machine. Hopefully it races well too. If I can get functioning again I'm going to do the Point to Point.

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1 comment:

JZ said...

Wide riser bars are where it is at. The only negative I find with them is when racing the Sundance course there is this spot where there is a really narrow gap between two trees and I swear I am not going to fit. I usually do.