Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Dave Bergart has put together the first annual Moosecross in Victor, ID. From what I can tell, it is one of the earlier CX races this year. And a lot of effort has gone into making it a success. Support it!

Here's an email from Dave:

Hello Friends,

I wanted to let you know we are hosting the coolest cyclocross race this side of the Globe right here in Victor! It is aptly named moosecross, and will be held in conjunction with the Grand Teton Brewery's Octoberfest. Bikes and beer. Can you think of a better combination? Anyway check out the site and then sign up. Everyone receives a moosecross pint glass and a guaranteed good time. We are making this a killer event. Announcers, spectators ringing cowbells, heck we are even printing up custom course marking tape! It will be like you are racing in Europe. Never raced cross? No big deal, mountain bikes are perfect and remember Fun is the official "F" word @ moosecross. Basically it is a short track (1.2 miles) it has fun features like whoop-de-dos, and banked turns, a section where you hop off your bike and run over some barriers, as well as bike path and dirt straightaways. You'll love it. This event is not to be missed.

Check out this youtube video if you need a better idea
(don't be scared of all the lycra)

Then check out and sign up!

Hope to see you on the 20th



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