Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall MTB and Fishin'


Saturday I did a nice ride. Started in Mill Creek Canyon, went up Big Water to the Mid Mountain connector, across the Mid Mountain trail, got lost in the Canyons, eventually ended up at the Mine Road, up the Mine Road to top of Guardsman's, up Puke Hill, across the Crest, and back down Big Water. It rained on the PC side, but just a drizzle. I'm sure it was because Rico was fasting and praying. I ate a Cliff bar during the first hour of the ride, and rationed two gels the rest of the ride. I bonked on Puke Hill, but recovered to almost ride the Spine -- one day I'll make it. All in all it was a great fall ride. Photos taken with my phone.

Leaves are changing.

Rain on the PC side.

That's why its' called the mine road.
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Nice views of Solitude, Silver, Days, and Cardiff forks. Snow will be here soon.

After the ride, I took the kids to Strawberry reservoir where we watched spawning kokanee salmon. We also fished for a couple of hours. That's a Bonneville Cut.

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