Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ski Bum

My wife called me a Ski Bum today. I couldn't disagree. Skiied an exotic locaton this morning: Emmigration Canyon. Elevation from 6500 ft to 7800 ft. 2400 vertical. High country in the low country. The only difference was that there was low avy danger.

Peaked out just as the sun was rising.

Bart on a run into Red Butte Canyon.

Jon riding the ridge. I've always believed skiers can't do what snowboarders do, i.e., futz around with gear, get stuck upside down because your legs are stuck together and bindings don't release, hop around like a jackrabit when the terrain tilts up, but lately I've noticed that snowboarders can actually do something cool -- surf the off cambered ridges.

They can also run straight into trees. I don't have much room to talk since I did the exact same thing recently. I still smell like a pine tree.

After the drop into Red Butte, we climbed back up to the ridge, and made an east facing run that rivals the high country runs. Snow was nice.

Surf is up.

Dude . . .


UtRider said...

Very cool. Do you ever ski resorts or is it all bc?

Jared said...

Thanks. I ski at resorts with my 6 yr old son. Other than that it's pretty much all BC. I get too cold riding the lift. :)

old school said...

So when Karen called you a ski bum, was it "you're a ski bum and that really turns me on," or "you're a ski bum and it's about time you step up and show some responsibility before I throw you and your skis out." Just wondering since I feel some responsibility for your delinquency.