Saturday, January 12, 2008

Powder Day (Again)

We've had some funky weather lately, e.g. 16 feet of snow at Snowbird in the last month, which has resulted in some funky lighting, interesting photos, and really good skiing. Today, we skiied the south slopes of Alta and logged about 4600 vertical in about 4 hrs. At the Powder Keg, we log that much in under 2 hrs (yes, I'm thinking of that race again and already; it plagues me). Saw Jack Dainton, a fellow biker dude, enjoying the snow. And I had the honor of breaking trail up Flagstaff for the Powderwhores (Noah, did you get a video of me laying down freeride big mountain firsties?) and several others.

As for the photos, I like this one:


More here:

January 12, 2008

Thought the quality isn't great, this says it all:

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old school said...

“Holy cow” ??? It felt much steeper, deeper, faster, and I thought my form was better. I guess the film does not lie; I’ll have to work on not looking so goofy going down the mtn. Great day though! The Samurai is humble about breaking trail. Not long after leaving the Alta parking lot, we found ourselves bottlenecked in a group of about 20 people as some guy in front was slogging through about 18 inches of new pow. Jared went to the front and set the pace dropping all but four of us, and we could barely hang notwithstanding Jared was doing the hard work. Very impressive!