Friday, February 16, 2007

2007 Powder Keg

So, a new Powder Keg course has been revealed (see below for a history of my affair with the P-Keg). 'Till now, for the last few months I've been caught up in nordic skate skiing. It's fast, fun, challenging. I've told my BC buddies that I've retired from the BC thing and now prefer to wear lycra year-round. But, the 2007 Powder Keg was just recently announced. And I am a bit giddy at the prospect of racing it again, this time in the race division. Perhaps some Euro racers will show? Last year I was advised that if I wasn't going to "bring it," I'd better not show up in lycra for a randonee race. Well, I'm planning on wearing my tights this year.

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Facelessghost said...

I support your decision. After all, once you've become a dork in tights on a bike, it's only a short step to becoming a dork in tights on skis.