Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lone Peak and Summer Binge Training

I got back from Alaska about three weeks ago.  The first week after I was back, I didn't do much in the way of physical activity, except for eat.  I kicked the second week off with a race (Wahsatch Steeplechase).  It didn't go so well.  My body had forgotten that it was Born to Run and I walked the last 5 or 6 miles (total 16 miles), which were all downhill.  During the second week, I eeked out a few miles, but they didn't feel so good.  The third week (this last week), I felt a quite a bit better and logged some good time and a bit over 20k vertical.  I'm starting to believe that I might be able to at least finish the Speedgoat, which happens at the end of the month, and which has become an annual tradition for me.  I will binge train one or two more weeks, rest, and then throw my hail Mary at the Speedgoat.

These goats were roaming around Lone Peak this morning.  Me: "Why do goats go to the summit of Lone Peak?"  Chad: "Why do you go to the summit of Lone Peak?"
This week I was able to get out on some mountain runs with friends Brian Harder (now from Alaska), Kim Young (from Jackson), Andy Dorais, and Chad Ambrose.  I didn't take pictures of the first three, but today, running with Chad (check out his newly-started blog here), I got some keepers.

Chad and I started on Wasatch Blvd., went up Big Willow to the "Notch," ascended the ridge to the top of Lone, tagged both summits, continued along the ridge to Bighorn, and then to South Thunder and North Thunder.  We then descended Thunder Bowl, had an epic bushwhack in Bells, and once we found the trail, ran out Bells.  It was a fun adventure. Here are some pics:
Chad nearing the North Summit of Lone Peak.  He was there in just under 2:15.  I waited to take this picture and topped out in 2:16.  
Look at those nice shiny, un-bloody legs. . . . This was before the Bells 'schwack.

Bighorn Peak
All of the peaks on the Bells Canyon Rim play hard to get. 
Chad on summit of Bighorn.

I found Snap Dragon!
The ridge leading to South Thunder and North Thunder.  Chad actually considered climbing that thumb.  I didn't.  We went under it.
Approaching the thumb.
A little spice below South Thunder.
Photo by Chad

Photo by Chad

Photo by Chad

Photo by Chad

. . . . Sadly, no pictures of the bushwhack, or the blood.

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