Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This essay challenged me. Very true, I think.

"The irony I cannot get away from is this: the energy and passion that call to our very core fill us with a life force that seems endless, but yet they also create a form of blindness to the ultimate reality we so dearly feel we touch."

Kayaking - Adding Death into the Equation


ROSIE said...

Over the past few months of forced rest from activities that I felt defined me and brought joy to my life I came to the same basic conclusion.

Great article

ROSIE said...

Post above from Bart

Jared said...

I'm still goin to Denali. Wanna go?

peter said...

Read Stephen Lyng's Edgework; A Social Psychological Assessment of Voluntary Risk Taking. (

ROSIE said...

No Denali for me. I am going back to bike racing, at least until my kids are grown.